1 opening
Preferred Educational Attainment
Graduated from college
7 months ago
Application deadline
in a month
Recruiter responds
0% of the time
Recruiter last seen
7 months ago
Media and Creatives
Employment Type
Full time
15,000.00 - 30,000.00 PHP per month
Office Address
Adriatico Street, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
Required Skills
Business Correspondence
Content Writing
Organizing and Planning
Report Writing
Product Descriptions
Sales and Marketing Knowledge
Preferred Courses
Communication Arts [Writing & Speech]
Creative Writing
Minimum Qualifications:
Graduated from college
  • Strong organisational skills to juggle multiple tasks within the constraints of timelines and budgets with business acumen.
  • Ability to work and thrive in a fast-paced environment, learn rapidly and master diverse web technologies and techniques.
  • Aggressive problem diagnosis and creative problem solving skills.
  • Top-notch initiative in assisting with Campaigns Management specialising in Copies.
  • Ability to measure Content Efficiency through proven business methodologies.
  • Professionalism regarding time, costs and deadlines.
  • Ability to interact, communicate and present ideas.
  • Possession of creative flair, versatility, conceptual/visual ability and originality.
  • Wide-reader and comprehension: ability to do research on relevant trends to create stellar content and propagate ideas to create a community of listeners and viewers.
  • Research Management: Ability to determine which material works better than the other.
  • Ability to create a Content Plan for Content Population.
Job Description

The Copy Strategist is in charge of organising the Content Plan ahead of the implementations. He is responsible of the creation of engaging content that mostly is done through stellar writing.

Campaign Creation and Management, Research, Technical and Creative Writing, Blogging, Data Translation and Management, Copywriting, Copy Editing, Proofreading, Business Writing, A/B Testing.

Perks and Benefits
Time Off
  • Flexitime
  • Work from Home
About Tessellate Digital Services
Our goal is to be the intermediary and the clip to the apparent disconnect of offline business to the revolution of Digital Technology. Tessellate wants to transition you to #Change4Today - The Era of Digital. As a Digital Solutions Provider, Tessellate will disrupt usual operations, sales and marketing strategies to help you fully Digitize your Business. Your business may have a brick-and-mortar, may be an e-commerce or both. Tessellate will help you quantify your Marketing Efforts, optimize your most prized projects and spend less on junk campaigns. Say no more to unquantifiable advertising. Let's make your name Resonate. #Change4Today and go Tessellate! TESSELLATE: Make your name resonate! We are a group of driven and enthusiastic young professionals with a passion for marketing. Our mission is to bring out the full potential of each brand or business by helping our clients connect and communicate to their target market through a combination of different marketing strategies and promotions. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following: - digital marketing - social media marketing - content writing - content and graphics creation - website management - media advertising (TV, print, radio, etc.) - out-of-home advertising (prime billboard placements, bannering, mobile billboards, etc.) - events and sponsorships - promos and contests creation - partnerships - loyalty and rewards programs - business consultation - customized business and marketing services (as requested)

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