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You may refer to our Terms of Use for the provision of our product and services and your use of the same.

Kalibrr Technology Ventures, Inc.(“Kalibrr”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) respects the privacy of individuals as we transform how candidates find jobs and how companies hire talent. While we center on the candidate experience, we ensure that we remain transparent in how we manage information personal data -- which refers to personal information, sensitive personal information, and privileged information that are defined according to the Philippines’ privacy law, the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (“DPA”) and its Implementing Rules and Regulations -- collectively, “Information”, we collect about you, as a jobseeker (“User”), in connection with our recruitment processes and your use of our products and services, including the Kalibrr Job Market Platform (“Kalibrr Platform”). Our commitment to privacy concerns not only the protection of your data through appropriate measures but also the use these data in accordance with our declared purposes.

When registered users or site visitors use our products and services or our website, we receive Information shared to us, which we collect and process in accordance with this Privacy Policy in adherence with Republic Act No. 10173, otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (“DPA”). Our processes are further guided by the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the DPA, and relevant issuances by the local regulator on data privacy. Our policy on the collection, use, and disclosure of Information is guided by the privacy principles of transparency, legitimate purpose, and proportionality.

  • Scope and Limitation

    • This Privacy Policy applies only to the Users of the Kalibrr Platform who may be referred to as jobseekers, and does not apply to Recruiters who are considered clients/partners or Kalibrr and possible future employers of jobseekers. This policy applies regardless of whether the User is using a computer, mobile device, tablet, Smart TV or any other device that can access said Kalibrr Platform on our website or on our iOS or Android application.
    • This Privacy Policy does not apply to Kalibrr employees, and also does not apply to clients/partners, so long as these entities are or will process personal data of a jobseeker.
    • Kalibrr has a separate Privacy Policy for its employees.
    • Kalibrr enters into an appropriate Agreement with its clients/partners to guide any engagement in relation to the sharing or processing of personal data
  • Privacy Principles that Guide Our Use of Your Information

    • Transparency

      • Kalibrr is engaged in the business of recruitment and technology services. Kalibrr partners with Recruiters (clients/partners) that provide job opening posts in the Kalibrr Platform to look for candidates online, in addressing their human resource requirements. This Privacy Policy is disclosed when the User creates a profile in the Kalibrr Platform. Kalibrr will collect and process your Information only when you provide your consent to the same.
      • Users of the Kalibrr Platform must be aware that the ultimate nature and purpose of collecting and processing their Information is to find a job match based on the Information they have provided on their respective profile. The Information is processed by Kalibrr in accordance with DPA and its Rules.
    • Legitimate Purpose

      • Kalibrr Platform collects Information from its Users who have provided their consent to the same for the ultimate purpose of securing a match with the Recruiter’s job post. Additional processing of Information is only for the purpose of enhancing the result and/or meeting the satisfaction of the User and Recruiter.
      • Kalibrr processes your Information in accordance with this Privacy Statement, unless it conflicts with applicable laws; in such cases, applicable laws shall prevail.
    • Proportionality

      • Kalibrr collects Information from its Users for recruitment purposes. Through this, Users gain access to and may transmit their application to job opening posts that may be relevant to them or that may interest them in their pursuit of successful job placement. Kalibrr collects only the Information that is relevant to the job placement activities without requiring additional Information that a User may find excessive or unnecessary for their job placement activities. Kalibrr may however, request for additional Information in circumstances where its clients/partners require the same. The User may then choose to provide or not to provide the additional Information with the understanding that this may potentially affect the result of the job placement activities.
      • In other cases, Kalibrr will also request for additional or supplementary Information to improve the job matching or enhance the job placement of the User. The User is at all times given the option whether or not to provide these types of Information.
      • Kalibrr may also collect and process Information for the resolution of any issues relating to, or for the improvement of its products and services, including its current business processes.
  • Kalibrr’s Participation with the National Privacy Commission (NPC)

    Kalibrr upholds the protection of the privacy of Filipino citizens enshrined in the DPA. Kalibrr also recognizes the role of the NPC, and its mandate to implement the DPA, and other related laws. ; Kalibrr has been participating in every NPC activity since September of 2017 (Phase 1 - Registration of DPO) up to today (Phase 2 - Data Processing System Registration). Kalibrr is committed to complete and continuously comply with the requirements of NPC.

Collection of Information

We will collect & process your Information only through a valid consent you have provided to us. You may withdraw the same at any time by using the available features on our Kalibrr Platform or by contacting us.

When a User registers and creates his/her profile in the Kalibrr Platform, the User understands, agrees, and consents to the collection, use, and storage of the following personal information: name, date of birth, phone/mobile number, email address, photo, educational background, work experiences, educational or professional awards/recognitions, projects involvement, distinctions conferred by entities, and a resume document including other academic or professional references. Any assessment on skills, ability, qualification, or knowledge that you undertake with Kalibrr may be linked to and may form part of your profile. We require that all registered users be identified based on an elected email address. Kalibrr shall not be responsible for assigning or making an email account for you to register to our Kalibrr Platform.

The categories of Information we collect are determined by the prevailing laws where processing will occur. We will not require the collection of personal information that is considered sensitive such as your ethnicity, health, religion, or sexual orientation, unless necessary and justified in relation to your application and employment, or unless you disclose the same to us, or the law requires or permits the same. We will not collect financial information from you or about you in connection with your use of our products and services nor will we require payment nor charge fees for the provision of technical assistance to you.

Note that you have control over the disclosure of your Information, including its accuracy, however, omission or withholding of Information may affect the outcome or success of job placement activities and the overall user experience. You may also consider that a complete and updated profile will enhance the user experience. Any Information, including sensitive personal information, you submit to us to form part of your profile even if it is beyond what we request for in the Kalibrr Platform may be accessed by Recruiters. Kalibrr is not responsible for ensuring that such Information will be used in accordance with its policies and the declared purposes. In case you will disclose to Kalibrr personal data that does not relate to you, you warrant that you are authorized to do the same and have advised the data subject the disclosure of their personal information to Kalibrr, the purpose for processing the same, their rights as data subject, and that you have obtained the necessary consent to disclose the same to Kalibrr, as required under the DPA.

Any communication, message, including feedback, comment, or suggestion you provide us over the Kalibrr Platform, email, or any other website will be treated as non-confidential information to the extent permitted by applicable laws. Kalibrr has the right to publish, use, or disseminate such communication without liability.

We may collect further Information from you, your devices, or other third parties including government agencies or professional recruitment firms for the lawful purposes of job matching, information verification, improving the functionality and security of our services, or otherwise fulfilling our legal or contractual obligations to which we may be subject to or as required by law or by a regulator. Additional information such as the User’s IP address and cookies (transient), may be collected in aggregate form, and these may be shared with Google Analytics or similar online tracking tools, in a manner that is proportionate and not in excess of the purposes declared above.

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Purpose of Collection

We use and process your Information in our capacity as a personal information controller for job placement as allowed for valid and legitimate purposes declared herein, including providing and administering our products and services, including other activities proportionate and necessary to improve the overall user experience. It is also the means of the Kalibrr Platform to confirm the identity of the User who signed up with the Kalibrr Platform; as such, Kalibrr is assured that it is engaging with a real person.

The ultimate purpose of the collection of these information is to process the same in order to match the User to the qualifications provided in a job post or hiring requirements of our clients/partners. You may use the Kalibrr Platform to assess your skills and career goals or needs when you apply to job posts. You shall be provided access to your activities within the Kalibrr Platform including job posts you have marked or flagged, job posts that have applied to, the status of your job applications, and communication with clients which you have sent via the Kalibrr Platform. Activity information that you have not shared with a Recruiter such as your flagging of a job post or your job searches, including your account set-up such as your password and account settings, will not be displayed in your profile for viewing of said Recruiter and other clients/partners. Note that your assessments on skills, ability, qualification, or knowledge, and the results, when available, may be an additional reference about you in your profile, which Recruiters may use in connection with a job posting, based on their recruitment needs.

The collection and processing, including the use, sharing, and retention of Information shall only be for valid purposes and to the extent necessary to achieve those purposes. Kalibrr or its representatives may contact you through your provided email address or mobile number or other contact information when you authorize the same.

Kalibrr may further use your information to contact you about changes to its products or services that may affect your use of our products and services, suggest job posts which you may be interested in or are relevant to your profile, or for marketing research and statistical purposes. With your consent, Kalibrr may additionally use your information for direct marketing purposes or send you surveys through phone, mail, email, SMS, and other electronic channels, or as advertisements.

Processing of Information

Kalibrr uses a variety of technologies, processes/methodologies, and techniques in its Kalibrr Platform and business processes to better serve both the User or jobseeker and the Recruiter. The success in the use of the Kalibrr Platform anchors on the system’s ability to create the best match for a User or jobseeker that fits the criteria of a job post of a Recruiter. These technologies, methodologies, and techniques are proprietary features of the Kalibrr Platform and operate within the limits of applicable laws.

We use your contact information for automated processing to notify you of updates to our product, selected changes in your profile, and job applications including messages from Recruiters, when you have provided your consent for the same.

The Kalibrr Platform uses advanced technology to find the best match possible for the User and a Recruiter looking for a candidate in connection with a job post. The Kalibrr Platform employs artificial intelligence to leverage the Information provided by the User to find a match with an existing job post. Similarly, a Recruiter is provided with a set of candidates that are relevant to the human resource requirements based on the job description it has provided, or other job posts that may become available in the future. This feature of finding relevant job posts is available for Users and shall complement the Recruiter search.

Kalibrr may further outsource processing of your Information with other entities to fulfill the purposes declared above, or as may be required by law, or to protect the interests of Kalibrr. Such engagements shall take place in line with the requirements of the DPA, i.e., through an Agreement, and to prevent the occurence of crimes or violations to applicable laws that Kalibrr is subject to. Note that subcontracting of personal information processing shall likewise occur within the limits of applicable laws.

We may further use your Information in anonymized or statistical form for our research to help us improve our processes and systems or our business processes.

Note that for security purposes, the general location information, IP address or IMEI from your device associated with your profile may be collected by third party service providers we engage with or online analytics tools such as Google Analytics when you use the Kalibrr Platform. We employ this to as a means to protect your personal data; for example, we may be alerted of any unauthorized access to your profile/account that may be attempted in unfamiliar devices as another way to keep your Information secure and confidential. Furthermore, we use these types of Information only as statistical and anonymized data for Kalibrr’s internal use to further enhance job matching of a User.

Information Sharing / Information Access

Users of the Kalibrr Job Market Platform must be aware that their profile and other relevant Information they voluntarily disclose are shared with Recruiters that may be clients/partners and are looking for candidates based on their current and disclosed human resource requirements. It is by this understanding that any User who signs up with the Kalibrr Platform has agreed with this condition and that in order to facilitate job match between jobseeker and Recruiter, Information sharing is necessary.

Kalibrr provides access or shares the profile of the User only to Recruiters who have provided Kalibrr with the assurance that they shall observe the prevailing data privacy laws, observe the privacy principles espoused by Kalibrr, and have done so through appropriate and sufficient means and instruments as may be required by law, i.e., an agreement or contract. The Kalibrr Platform allows a User to directly communicate with a Recruiter by sending a job application for an existing job post. Similarly, a Recruiter may send messages directly to a User in relation to an application for an existing job post of the Recruiter (to respond to the application, send an invitation to apply for a job post, or to invite the user to interviews or a job offer including residual application or employment activities). Furthermore, we encourage you to maximize the features and tools in the Kalibrr Platform to enhance your overall user experience. Our clients/partners may also share with us specific Information in their capacity as recruiters or prospective employers through the applicant tracking set-up when you apply to a job post and we have means to ascertain which job posts you have applied to and which Recruiters you have been in contact with.

Kalibrr shall not be responsible, under this Policy, for the availability, accessibility, and storage of Information outside its Kalibrr Platform or wherein Kalibrr is not a party to such arrangements including employee on-boarding with the Recruiter, administration of employee benefits assigned by the Recruiter, and finalization of the hired individual’s metrics or key performance indicators for employment success with the Recruiter as these tasks are within the employer-employee relationship. Please note that information you independently disclose to Recruiters outside our Kalibrr Platform or wherein Kalibrr’s Policy does not apply shall not be covered by our Privacy Statement and our privacy policies.

Note that your Information may be shared and disclosed to, and further processed and stored by entities engaged by Kalibrr, which may include entities outside the Philippines, wherein prevailing data privacy laws may differ from the level of security provided under the DPA, in line with the purposes declared herein. Such entities includes Kalibrr’s associate office in Indonesia. Nonetheless, Kalibrr shall share Information only with entities who provide the assurance that they employ security measures to protect personal data. Kalibrr shall also allow the sharing of Information to other entities such as third party service providers engaged by Kalibrr or to any regulator, authority, or court, when required to fulfill the purposes declared herein, or as may be required by applicable laws or regulations that may be necessary for the protection of the privacy and to serve the interests and/or requests from the User.

Your Information are required to be kept confidential by those authorized by Kalibrr to have access to such Information, and are required to use or process the same only in line with the purposes declared in this Privacy Statement. Kalibrr takes necessary measures to ensure that your Information are used only for specified purposes and not disclosed, shared, or processed for purposes not in line with these purposes. As such, appropriate physical, organizational, and technical security measures are employed by Kalibrr against unauthorized or unlawful use, processing, disclosure, access, or modification. These standards and responsibilities for the protection of data consistent with our privacy policy and practices are also imposed to the entities with which we have shared your Information.

Note that our IT, tools, processes, and Kalibrr Platform maintenance personnel, including third party service providers, may have limited access to your Information, for repairs and bug fixes or to ensure, maintain, and restore the integrity of its databases, servers, and your Information, but they may be required to process your Information based on this Privacy Statement and through appropriate security measures.

Changes to the capacity exercised by Kalibrr as a personal information controller may occur as a result of organizational changes such as merger, acquisition, transfer of assignment, or any other similar arrangements.

Storage, Retention, and Deletion

A User profile that is comprised of Information is stored in a secured facility such as Google Cloud Platform in which several levels of security and authentication features are in place. Information herein is retrieved only by authorized personnel and those that may be authorized under the DPA; this includes those authorized by Kalibrr through an appropriate agreement on data sharing, access, or processing.

Before Information is anonymized, deleted, or disposed, User Information will be retained by Kalibrr until the expiry of the retention period set by Kalibrr, unless sooner requested to be deleted by the User. Typically, User information will be stored until three (3) years from date of inactivity (dormancy period). Within one (1) day after the expiry of such period, the User shall be sent a notification and be prompted to update the profile and allow the User to keep using the Kalibrr Platform. The system will allow a period of seven (7) days after the notification is sent for the User to take a positive action and that the User agrees with the existing policy provisions of the Kalibrr Platform. Should the dormancy period persist continuously, the User is notified that the records of his/her Information shall no longer be available and the profile shall no longer be accessible.

Data Breach

We value the trust of the Users and are committed to protecting the personal data that are entrusted to us and submitted to us through our Kalibrr Platform. We shall thus ensure that the Information we collect, hold, process, and store are kept secure from unauthorized or unlawful use, processing, sharing, and other forms of personal data breaches. Kalibrr shall duly investigate in order to resolve data breaches in adherence to the breach management procedures prescribed by the local law and regulations, in addition to implementing our own protocols in handling breaches. If you have information or reason to believe that your personal data that we hold about you is subject of a personal data breach, you may contact our Data Protection Officer, whose contact information is provided below.

Acknowledgement of Rights

In addition to any rights a User may have under this policy, Users of our Kalibrr Platform, whether registered users or visitors, have the following rights under the Data Privacy Act of 2012:

  1. The right to reasonable access to the personal information that we hold about you.
  2. The right to make corrections or updates to the personal information we hold or otherwise process about you.
  3. The right to object to the processing of your personal information in line with our declared purpose.
  4. The right to erasure or blocking of your personal information from our records and systems or deletion of your profile.
  5. The right to be informed of the processing of your personal information, including the existence of the automated decision-making and profiling. Data subjects may be notified of personal data breaches in accordance with the requirements and procedures set out by the law.
  6. The right to be indemnified in case processing of your personal information violates the law.
  7. The right to portability of your data in your profile, in jobs you have applied for, and communication with a recruiter in an exported format from our Kalibrr Platform.
  8. The right to lodge a complaint before the competent body or regulator for the data privacy law, the NPC.

For any concerns on how you can exercise your rights as a data subject, you may contact the Data Protection Officer of Kalibrr Technology Ventures, Inc. using the information below and please expect a reply without any undue delay:

Data Protection Officer

Kalibrr Technology Ventures, Inc.

Suite 15, Acceler8, 5/F PHINMA Plaza, 39 Plaza Drive, Rockwell Center, Poblacion, Makati City, Philippines 1210


Telephone Number: +63 (02) 7508 0027

Last updated June 12, 2019

Please note that this Privacy Statement may be modified by Kalibrr at any time without prior notice. Relevant changes will be made available on this page or communicated or made available to Users through reasonably proportionate means. If you object to our Privacy Policy, you may delete your account/profile by accessing your Account Information.

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