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Unit 2E Felimarc Business Center, Pasig, Philippines


ABOUT US Macpherson International Business Consultancy, established in 2014, is the brainchild of a group of youngentrepreneurs with intensive training and experience in the fields of management, and business consultancy.The company, with its head office in the Philippines and affiliate companies in Singapore, and India is built on the ideology of providing service to the local and international businesses which need assistance or would like to expand. Motivated by our core values ‘success, leadership, and ethics’, our management has set a reputation as one of the most trusted names in the field of overseas education, sales and customers service training, international marketing and the like, in their respective fields before deciding to combine all these efforts into Macpherson International Business Consultancy. We have a vision that the world can be made better and it lies in the hands of the individuals who shape it. By helping focus on growth, service, empowerment and education, we aim to spearhead the industry into a better future. OUR VALUES We are driven by our core values ‘success leadership, and ethics’. We believe that honesty paves the way for true success. (SLE) • Success! We believe in succeeding at whatever it is you choose and want to do. We at MIBC want to help individuals and companies realize their goals of achieving success in either business or their personal goals, and as such we pride ourselves in the emphatic pursuit of success. Dedication, perseverance, hard work, sacrifice these are the traits and this is the drive we need to have in order to achieve our goals and ultimately achieve success. • Leadership is a value that most companies now a days lack. Everyone, everywhere wants to accomplish something however they lack the initiative and driving force to do so. We at MIBC will ensure your trust is valued and made worth it. We believe we are capable of bringing you to where you want to be. • Ethics. What would a world be without ethics, in the cut-throat world of business today, most companies forget the most basic necessity of all, which is that business is built to provide for the needs of man and it is he (the customer) who we must service. In view of this MIBC puts emphasis on the ethics we must possess to do proper business, as we believe that good business is done when all parties benefit from it. Macpherson International Business Consultancy offers our clientele the following services: 1. Education Consultancy and Placement 2. Exchange student programmes 3. Tie-up programmes for Educational Institutions 4. Emigration assessments 5. Training and Development Courses and Seminars 6. ECTI Scheme - Membership Incentives Contact Us: Macpherson International Business Consultancy Unit 2-E, Felimarc Business Center, 3 A. Rodriguez Ave. Santolan, Pasig City, Philippines +63 2 – 5316486 / +63 2 - 533 8334 +63 9178838042

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