Klab Cyscorpions Inc

Alamat Kantor
C2 Building, Taguig, Philippines


K-What? KLab Cyscorpions Inc. is a diversely talented, multi-cultural organization bent on the creation of full-range interactive experiences for the mobile entertainment market. Operating as the Philippine arm of the Singapore-based KLab Global Group, we have extensively experienced leaders steering our team of dynamic, promising individuals. Bigger From a modest 20-man team in 2007, our brood has grown to over a hundred members in a span of 6 years -- widely increasing our talent base and multiplying our potential 500-fold! Brighter In spite of this growth, we exert every effort to maintain an open organizational culture where creative collaborations and fun spirits are staples to our “working playground”. Bolder We were able to penetrate the industry with a small team and big dreams… Now, with a bigger team and even bigger dreams, we continue to create skillfully, passionately, and enjoyably… and we’re definitely set to make our mark!

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