PT. Pegadaian
PT. Pegadaian

PT. Pegadaian

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Jl. Kramat Raya No.162, RT.1/RW.8, Kramat, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta 10430, Indonesia

Kota Jakarta PusatIndonesia


Tentang PT. Pegadaian

As a state-owned enterprise, Pegadaian has a long history which began in the 18th century when Vereenigde Oost Indische Companies (VOC), established Bank Van Leening, a credit institution extending on pawning system. Then the Dutch government issued Staadsblad no 131 dated 12th March 1901 that principally govern that establishment of pawnshop was monopolized and only government runs such business. In accordance with this law, the first state pawn shop was established in Sukabumi (West Java) on 1st April 1901.Thus, each 1st April is the anniversary of Pegadaian. Now, Pegadaian has transformed as a business entity which not only gives loans based on pawn but also other profitable business Until the end of 2020 there are more than 4000 Pegadaian branches spread across the Indonesian archipelago. The logo of Pegadaian the scales of justice. Pegadaian's motto is 'overcoming problems without problems'. Pegadaian have more than 1,6 Million customer and more than 14.000 employees. As a state-owned enterprise besides acting as business entity, Pegadaian also has an obligation to support government program in the effort to increase mid to low class society welfare through main activity of pawning credit distribution. This activities make Pegadaian a unique business entity. Conventional model of Pegadaian has operated since 1901. The first branch office in Sukabumi, west Java. Since 2018 Pegadaian transformation into Digital Financial Company. The journey of Pegadaian's transformation, which is currently + 2 years old, is felt to have contributed a lot to Pegadaian, both in terms of business cooperation with fintech companies, changes in mindset, changes in working methods as well as improvements in organizational governance that are not only in accordance with applicable standards but also lead to in the creation of an agile organization.
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