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Magic, Inc.

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Magic, Inc.

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Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Why this role exists

Unlock the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of millions as a Virtual Task Specialist! In this remote role, your primary focus will be on engaging with the diverse customer base of Magic, delivering top-notch services, and devising innovative solutions to fulfill their desires. With the freedom to dictate your own schedule and work from anywhere, you'll experience unparalleled flexibility and empowerment. Join us in shaping a world where customer satisfaction knows no bounds!

What’s in it for you:

  • Grab a quick minimum of $10 for each completed task! Propel yourself towards an adventure of growth. Your earning potential knows no bounds!
  • Be the boss of your own time! Embrace the liberating flexibility of tailoring your work schedule to fit your lifestyle and preferences. Break free from the constraints of traditional office hours and step into a world bursting with potential!
  • Kickstart your freelance journey with free training! Dive into an exhilarating, action-packed 3.5-hour daily training for 10 consecutive weekdays, designed to transform you into an extraordinary Virtual Task Specialist. The best part? Our support doesn't end there - we'll accompany you every step of the way, ensuring your continuous growth and success.

The impact you will make

Task Management

  • From your home, engage in a whirlwind of tasks received via instant messaging. Whether it's orchestrating a food delivery or scheduling a high-powered executive meeting, your role is to decipher customer needs and deliver a personalized, top-notch service!


  • Expertly liaise with team members or clients to effectively gather and understand the unique requirements for each task.
  • Keep the momentum going with regular updates on task progress and anticipated completion timelines.
  • Service Quality Excellence
  • Ignite productivity by delivering exceptional results for assigned tasks, all while beating the deadline!
  • Champion precision by ensuring each task aligns perfectly with provided instructions and standards, creating flawless outcomes.

Kualifikasi Minimum


  • Don't worry if you're new to the world of virtual assistance - we'll guide you every step of the way!
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Some college coursework under your belt is required.
  • A modern computer, equipped with an i3 core processor and 4GB RAM, is your essential tool.
  • Ensure a smooth sailing experience with a minimum internet speed of 5mbps.

Your superpowers are...

  • Mastering the art of excellent time management and organization.
  • Tackling multiple tasks efficiently within set deadlines like a pro.
  • Wielding strong communication skills with ease.
  • Unleashing your problem-solving abilities to conquer challenges.
  • Harnessing various digital tools and platforms is like second nature.
  • Leveraging prior experience in a similar role as your secret weapon.

You should apply if...

  • You crave the freedom of dictating your own schedule while earning extra income!
  • You're not a fan of fixed hours and prefer flexibility.
  • You aspire to balance productivity with quality time spent with loved ones.
  • You're a reliable powerhouse with a "Get Stuff Done" mindset, owning up to your words with consistent actions, regardless of the situation size.
  • You possess an eagle-eye for details and thrive in organization.
  • You're a proactive visionary, foreseeing potential problems, challenging the status quo, and unafraid to voice your opinions.
  • You flourish in a remote work environment, embracing the freedom it offers.
  • You're an insatiable learner, constantly feeding your curiosity about the world and work around you, and committed to enhancing your personal and professional life through self-directed learning.

Fasilitas dan Tunjangan

  • Work from HomeWork from Home


  • No need to commute to an office, no sitting in traffic.
  • Work remotely from anywhere, even if you are traveling internationally.
  • Flexibility of schedule - work when you want and for however long you want.
  • Bonuses for working certain hours and for providing exceptional quality of service.
  • Always more work to be done, providing a reliable source of income.

Ringkasan Perkerjaan

Tingkat Posisi
Lulusan Baru / Junior
Customer Service
Persyaratan tingkat pendidikan
Lulus SMA
Respon rekruter ke lamaran
Once in a while
Alamat Kantor
The Fort
Concierge Service
30 lowongan dibuka

Agar merasa aman saat melamar: carilah ikon verifikasi dan selalu lakukan riset terhadap Perusahaan yang Anda lamar. Hindari dan laporkan situasi dimana Perusahaan membutuhkan bayaran dalam proses rekrutmen mereka.

Tentang Magic, Inc.

Magic is a 24/7 personal assistant on demand in your pocket - text Magic any request, any time, from anywhere in the world and we’ll get to work. From managing calendars of busy entrepreneurs, exclusive restaurant reservations for celebrities, to booking last minute private jets for executives, our groundbreaking service can do it all. Come join our radically innovative venture-backed startup founded in 2015 and be a part of our amazing team of go-getters in our offices in San Francisco and Manila. Kalibrr has given Magic Inc. the following awards: Top Performing Recruiter Award (2018), Leading Employer of the Year Award (2019), Most Admired Employer of the Year Award (2019) and Top Performing Recruiter Award (2019).

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