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Alamat Kantor
Unit 205, Jemco Bldg. C. Raymundo, Rosario, Pasig City, Pasig City, Philippines


Wired Kings our main business is Talent Acquisition. We believe all businesses are driven to success by the sort of talent they have from top to bottom levels. We are here to give businesses that driving edge by providing caliber talents to fill in their business needs! We believe in these 3 effective steps in outsourcing quality talents: Prospecting - Qualifying - Hiring. In Prospecting, this is the stage wherein we outsource talents via different cost effective ways to get a big number of prospects who are up to par to the requirements of our clients. In Qualifying we trim down the best of the best, and each prospect will be assessed via a corresponding point system to determine where their skills would be maximized the most. The last step, Hiring, is where prospects are now considered candidates and are carefully evaluated to which client they are sent.

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