Tropical Focus Phils. Inc.

Alamat Kantor
3f & 4f MESCO Bldg. 5, Pasig, Philippines


TFPI is an organization engaged in efficient management of Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems for large buildings. We are the pioneer in this line of business in the Philippines and in Asia. Currently, our operation covers over 35 million square feet of air-conditioned space in over 60 buildings in the Philippines. Our mission is to centrally control the air conditioning systems of a very large number of buildings, which can be located anywhere in the world, from one remote location here in Metro Manila. Our services have won numerous awards for energy efficiency. Company Vision “Technology for a Better Tomorrow” Company Mission Statement To bring expertise to the operation of facilities through use of state of the art technology and a strong organizational structure. Company Facts Established in 2006 in the Philippines, today we employ over 350 highly trained employees operating in both Metro Manila, Philippines and its major provinces. Currently operates 60 large buildings in 3 countries totaling over 35 million square feet of air‐conditioned space. Who should use our system? Any building in the tropical climate that has a large central air‐conditioning and ventilation system. Why TFPI? TFPI offers the latest technology and innovations of air‐conditioning in tropical climates. TFPI is committed to offer solutions to comfort problems in buildings while significantly reducing the cost of air‐conditioning, which is the largest single cost of operation of a large building, through proven techniques and the highest levels of expertise in all technical and mechanical aspects of air‐ conditioning operation and maintenance. How does TFPI create improved comfort conditions and energy savings? At its Technical Service Center in Metro Manila, we have developed a one ‐of ‐a kind, centralized building optimization system that uniquely integrates our proprietary artificial intelligence software, the latest air conditioning control components and recent advances in internet ‐based building automation systems. Our system, and particularly its software, incorporates our comprehensive and unique expertise gained over the past 30 years working on large air conditioning systems throughout the Tropics. Via each onsite work center, we continuously collect, and monitor all relevant building operational parameters. Simultaneously, its AI software, drawing on the building’s extensive historical performance database, analyzes the data, anticipates future conditions, calculates new control parameters and issues these back to the building through the customized control infrastructure, constantly optimizing each building’s performance. The result is a dramatic improvement in both comfort and efficiency.

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