The Outlet People Incorporated

Alamat Kantor
157 Our Offices Building, Mandaluyong, Philippines


Who We Are? The Outlet People, Inc. started in 2001 when partners Mae V. Cu Unjieng, Roman Cu Unjieng, and Monique Cu Unjieng – la O’ collaborated with Nike Philippines to unveil the first Nike Partnered Factory Outlet Store in the Philippines. Consumer demand broke expectations and paved the way for another retail platform. Inspired by Nike Goddess in the USA, TOP operated the first female specific Nike sports performance retail store in Southeast Asia. In recent years, TOP’s highest growth contributor are performance doors. Known as Nike Forum. Initially operating a lone performance store at under 50sqm, Nike Forum is now a formidable player with four branches, the biggest being over 310sqm in two levels. Nike Forum has gained much in following. Basketball aficionados have taken to the store as their third place, a venue to gather as a community and talk. Many customers frequent the stores on a regular basis, ready to update and interact with store athletes to discuss their newest finds over the net, the results of the latest game, or anything under the sun.

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