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Sustansiya is a Philippines biofertilizer manufacturer and poultry services company. Our vision at Sustansiya is to become the No.1 producer of certified organic biofertilizers in Southeast Asia. Global awareness for the hazards of long-term chemical fertilizer use is growing. Because of this, more and more farmers all over the world are shifting to organic fertilizers. The food & agricultural industries have also recognized this trend, and increasingly employ campaigns to promote organic and natural fertilizers. Among the benefits of using organic fertilizers are non-toxic food, lower cost, better soil fertility, and of course, a safer and more sustainable environment. Our fertilizer products are created from poultry manure, which is universally acknowledged as one of the highest naturally occurring NPK (Nitrogen – Phosphorus – Potassium) sources available. Through our unique, innovative and sustainable service to poultry growers we are consolidating our position to become the largest processor of poultry manure in the Philippines. Utilizing the security of supply of the raw material we can now build our manufacturing capacity to process our manure through organic certification processes and begin exploring international markets for our products. As we embark on our journey to become the largest biofertilizer company in SE Asia we are building our team to assist us meet our vision. We believe that by hiring talented and passionate individuals and advisors who share a mission similar to our own, who are action oriented with a love for problem solving that we can identify, create and implement sustainable solutions to the benefit of our climate and our planet. We hope you can join us along this exciting journey!

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