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Makati, Philippines


Remote Staff, Inc. has been providing fulfilling careers to Filipinos since 2007. We connect Philippine-based candidates with clients in Australia, the US and UK who are looking for professionals as international extensions of their teams. We specialize in providing full-time and part-time work for web developers, web designers, graphic designers, virtual assistants, marketing assistants, SEO/SEM, writers, accountants, among others. These are roles that can be performed by a contractor on a computer or phone from his own office, and does not require physical presence with the client. Remote Staff is trusted by thousands of Filipinos over the years. As we provide a safe virtual working environment, we also guarantee fair and timely wages. We’re a team that understands Filipino culture, and attracts quality clients who believe in our business model. Of our qualities, we’re best at maintaining accountability and transparency for every working relationship we establish.

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