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Muralla Industrial Park Iba Meycauyan Bulacan, Meycauayan, Philippines


Refreshment Republic, Inc. CERTIFIED QUALITY SYSTEM ISO 9001:2008 “Start-Up Company Reinvents Refreshment with Revolutionary & Game-Changing Wise-Pack!” Refreshment Republic, Inc. was founded in 2010 by Mr. Wilson D. Go, a successful businessman in the aluminum and glass industry. After reaching leadership in this sector and achieving his goals, Mr. Go decided to pursue a childhood ambition to produce and market his own brand of refreshment. WDG (as how he is known by his employees) does not only want to achieve his ambition, but also to provide good quality of refreshments to every Filipino and even people from around the world without them paying for a high cost. Thus, the Philippine Wise-Pack® was invented. He, himself designed this “Soft PET” bottle which eliminates the costs of traditional containers to offer refreshing juice drinks in the Philippines at an affordable price. With this, he was granted an IPO Utility Model and Industrial Design Patent. In December 2011, RRI launched its flagship brand Chooga® Juice in Wise-Pack® – a high-quality​ juice in a low-cost package which allows consumers to “Pay for the Juice, Not the Bottle”. Refreshment Republic, Inc. aims to continuously develop and produce innovative refreshments for the years to come.


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