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#005 Maysan Road, Valenzuela City, Philippines, Valenzuela, Philippines


Established in 1976 as the Philippine College of Technological Resources (PCTR), the school was founded by the educator Jose C. Olivares. When actual operations began on 14 February 1978, it has facilities and amenities for secondary school and college. A year later, the administration of the school was passed on to Emmanuel J. Olivares. St. Louis College Valenzuela is committed to providing a high-quality, Christian education under its forsworn values of Sapientia, Veritas, Caritas (Wisdom, Truth and Charity), which are ingrained by its dedicated teachers in all students. The small but thriving institution of 36 years serves about 2,500 students, an estimated 800 of which are college students. Today, St. Louis College Valenzuela has matured into an educational institution that the city of Valenzuela can be proud of. Its students, coming from a broad cross-section of Filipino society, are active participants in the promise and the future of the Philippines, and their contributions to the Filipino dream as productive and responsible citizens will surely be a measure of distinction for all. Why join us? St. Louis College of Valenzuela is situated at the heart of the city and is very accessible to any point of major roads. The campus has a relaxing ambience making it conducive to learning and efficient working. Its faculty is a richly diverse group of men and women dedicated to promote a Christian-centered education for a new generation of Filipino youth ready to face the challenges of the 21st century. OUR PHILOSOPHY We believe that every human being has the capacity to develop his intellect and free will. Academic excellence at St. Louis College Valenzuela is not solely focused on the acquisition of knowledge and the upgrading of skills, rather, the institution shall also provide the proper venue for the pursuit of wisdom which becomes the basic source from which the students discern, judge, and act on the different facets of reality. We believe that in all areas of academic life, the process of discerning truth is guided by a clear and critical study of the objective conditions of reality. Truth is consistent with the purpose of law and justice and enhanced by a free exchange of ideas. We believe that the achievement of the fullness of its Christian orientation is primarily founded on the inculcation of the virtue of charity among its students. St. Louis College Valenzuela shall train its students to be men for others with awareness of the economic, political, and socio-cultural realities in the local and global contexts. The institution likewise empowers its students so that they become active participants in nation building as well as catalysts of change, knowing fully well that Christian benevolence is realized only through the outward manifestation of genuine concern, strong commitment and decisive action for the benefit of the others in particular and the society at large.

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