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Shop'n Chek Philippines is a division of John Clements Consultants, Inc. and is a licensee of Shop'n Chek Worldwide, Inc. (the global leader in Mystery Shopping). Part of our services is to monitor the performance of the branches/outlets of our clients. We conduct efficient and objective programs which deliver accurate measurement of customer satisfaction and constructive feedback to our clients. The 30 years international experience, (15 years in the Philippines) in the customer service evaluation industry has taught us the value of knowing the needs of our clients. We strive for excellence in our services to meet the constant changing needs of our market and the needs of an increasingly global economy. Shop'n Chek always takes the time to get to know you and your business and proposes valuable and relevant Mystery Shopping solutions according to your requirements. Companies need more eyes, more ears and more hours in the day to know what you must know--what is happening at the final, critical point in your business chain when all you have worked to offer leaves your control and goes into the hands of the toughest decision maker of all – YOUR CUSTOMER. For our clients, we deploy Mystery Shoppers, the core element of our service, for unannounced visits to any location, following pre-established guidelines. Questionnaires are formulated to give clients an objective look at the performance from the customers' point of view. Shop'n Chek provides clients with customers, carefully chosen, who experience the final result of all your efforts. But unlike other customers, Shop'n Chek Mystery Shoppers are armed with the ability to translate their encounters into factual information. Shop'n Chek has the experience and the people to visit every location the client requests, no matter where it is, quarterly, monthly, or even weekly. Shop'n Chek is a partner in providing the customers with excellent Customer Service. As a Mystery Shopper, on the other hand, the goal is to evaluate secretly the products and services of the outlets that will be assigned. The person will just act/pose as a regular customer of those stores, observe, follow the guidelines, and answer a questionnaire, which will be provided with. It is important to note that this assignment is highly confidential. This can be a Part Time job! CONTACT US! Shop'N Chek Philippines

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