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| Our Corporate Objective A human health care (hhc) company capable of making a meaningful contribution under any health care system while observing the highest legal and ethical standards in business activities. | Our Approach HI-Eisai Pharmaceutical, Inc. is a research-oriented, global pharmaceutical company committed to improving the health of all individuals worldwide regardless of wealth or geography. We give our first thoughts to patients and their families and are committed to help improve the lives of patients and their families – a principle grounded in Eisai Group's human health care (hhc) philosophy, which has been embedded into our Article of Incorporation and national programs across the globe. We realize this using the Knowledge Creation SECI (Socialization, Externalization, Combination, Internalization) Model, emphasizing the importance of socialization. Socialization with patients and understanding their tacit knowledge of pleasure, anger, sadness and joy is an essential part of hhc. We recommend all HI-Eisai employees to spend 1% of their business time in socialization, namely spending time together with the patients. Our organization is committed to developing and implementing long-term sustainable strategies using partnership-based models to improve the affordability, availability, adoption, and access to medicines.

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