First Core Multi-Purpose Cooperative

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Manila, Philippines


FIRSTCore Multi-Purpose Cooperative was established and registered with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) on June 25, 2008 with Registration number F-623-6496,. In compliance with the requirement of the authority for the issuance of a new certificate of registration under Article 144 of RA 9520, FIRSTCore Multi-Purpose Cooperative received it's new certificate of registration on December 7, 2009 with registration number is 9520-16003971. It's cooperative identification number is CIN-0105162406. FIRSTCore Multi-Purpose Cooperative has been authorized by the CDA to engage in the following undertakings: 1. Provide manpower for local deployment. 2. Manage a savings and credit facility for its member. 3. Procure and distribute consumer goods, medical supplies and other commodities. 4. Operate pharmacy. 5. Operate private carriers of goods. 6. Operate a consumer store. 7. Operate janitorial and Security Services. 8. Conduct livelihood training. 9. Engage in the conduct and evaluation of Psychological Examination. 10. Produce and sell plastic identification cards. 11. Operate a hostel. 12. Organize and Conduct Events.

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