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Meadowood Executive Village, Bacoor, Philippines


Far East Tribune Foundation, humanitarian organization dedicated to reducing inequities and improving lives around the world based on the belief that every life has equal value. Bayani O. Nacion and Flordeliza N. Francisco, created the foundation. This foundation is focus on humanitarian projects, education and health issues. A major goal of the foundation is to bring medical advances and information technology to people living in poverty. Help bring vaccines to the developing world and support ways to stop the transmission of diseases such as AIDS and tuberculosis. The AIDS epidemic has received special attention. Far East Tribune foundation is supporting research into development of a vaccine against HIV. To date, attempts to develop an HIV/AIDS vaccine have been unsuccessful. The humanitarian projects are aim at fostering innovation and cooperation among different groups of researchers. Far East Tribune Foundation supports worldwide research for treatment and prevention of malaria. The foundation’s education programs, which were launched a few years ago, committed humanitarian efforts to three areas: development of model schools and school districts, professional development for educators, and higher education scholarships, especially for talented low-income students. The foundation’s education efforts address inequities in underserved school districts and communities. The foundation promotes the idea of creating high schools with small student bodies and personalized learning as an important education reform. The foundation also seeks to bring Internet access to all public libraries serving low-income communities in the Philippines.

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