Inteluck Corporation

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Unit 1604 Antel Corporate Center, Makati, Philippines


Inteluck Corporation ( provides diverse I.T. solutions dedicated to the Cargo, Logistics and Trucking Industry. Inteluck Corporation has developed a wide array of I.T. softwares and systems designed to be of great value to the Cargo, Trucking and Logistics industry. Some developments include: Inteluck Tracking Solution, Inteluck Vehicle Management System, Inteluck Fleet Management System, Inteluck Budgeting System, Inteluck Billing and Collection System, Inteluck ePOD (Proof of Delivery) System and etc. Our Services Presently, Inteluck offers SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Products to more than 500 logistics companies in the Philippines. Our SaaS products already cover Logistics, Cargo, Trucking, Power, Security, Public Transportation, Construction, Manufacture, Food and other industries. Our Market Aside from Central Luzon, Inteluck purveys SaaS products to companies in Visayas and Mindanao regions. Based in Philippines, Inteluck has also a global market in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, China and other countries as well. Our Mission Inteluck provides software knowledge expertise and services to a growing list of clientele in the logistics and other strategic industries in the Philippines. Our mission is to help more and more companies through our I.T. solutions to save costs, avoid risks and improve efficiencies.

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