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Preferred Educational Attainment
Graduated from college
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Management Consulting
Employment Type
Full time
Office Address
Unit 1416 AIC Burgundy Empire Tower cor Garnet st. ADB Ave., Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Minimum Qualifications:
Graduated from college
  • Degree in Civil Engineering, Architecture or equivalent;
  • 5 years experience in the same field;
  • Excellent communication skills including report writing. Interpersonal, organizational and time management skills with a proactive and flexible;
  • Can work under own initiative and have a full working knowledge of fabrication, procedures, processes, documents;
  • Strong leadership skills desired;
  • Strong computer knowledge of Microsoft Office and AutoCAD;
  • Well versed in the technical aspects of glass & Aluminum works (related to shop fronts, curtain walls, back painted glass installation, cladding, etc.) and with a keen eye for detail. Fully familiar with all types of fabrication machinery.
Job Description
  • To work hand in hand with the Operations Manager and Engineering.
  • Plans, assigns, schedules, and supervises the work of labor force and equipment operators engaged in the construction or reconstruction, fabrication or repair.
  • Instructs and trains staffs in the safe operation of construction equipment and tools and in job techniques and skills.
  • Responsible for the discipline of employees under your supervision ensuring absenteeism, lateness, laziness and poor quality of work are minimal.
  • Forecasts material, manpower, and equipment requirement to achieve program.
  • Provide labor estimation/s to ensure labor cost is within the budget.
  • Forecasts material, manpower, and equipment requirement to achieve program.
  • Responsible to prepare reports for update on ongoing works at production, including project sites, if ever will be assigned by your immediate superior or the President.
  • Responsible to quality control of production.
  • Responsible for ensuring and improving the performance, productivity, efficiency and profitability of departmental and organizational operations through the provision of effective methods and strategies.
  • Plans and define activities that establish a course of action and guide future decision – making, based on the objectives of the organization, the policies, and procedures for achieving the objectives.
  • Establish a structure of roles and the flow of information within the operations sub - system and determine the activities required to achieve the goals and assign authority and responsibility for carrying them out.
  • Exercises control by measuring actual outputs like controlling cost, quality and schedules and comparing them to planned operations management.
  • Evaluates how the operations planning, organizing, and controlling affect the decision-making behaviour of the subordinates and plans course of action to meet objectives.
  • Liaisons with top management. Assist in the development of strategic plans for operational activity.
  • Required to study how to reduce production costs and see to it that the operations are carried out efficiently without going off budget.
  • Responsible to face and try to resolve different issues regarding quality of services, delivery/shipment delays, customer satisfaction, and other problems.
  • Performs other task related and/as designated by the General Manager and President.
About HRManagement & Business Solutions Inc
WHO WE ARE? HRManagement and Business Solutions Inc. is a new HR business concept type of consulting firm that boasts of its network of HR professionals across industry type with three major tiers of experiences - Gurus, Senior Consultants and Consultants. The organization, albeit new to the specific sub-industry category, is a sister company of a fifteen year-old HR consulting company known as HR Team Asia Inc. (HRTA), which specializes in manpower consulting, training and staffing. The experiences accrued in these years of operations by the founders and leaders of HRTA, compounded with their individual respective years of strategic HR level experiences in top multi-national and other large scale operations paved the need for another HR consulting company that focuses on Five Pillars of Services. The new HR business approach that provides access to network of various of HR professionals with different experiences and exposures in one company, give clients a unique experience and options in selecting the most customized programs or projects implemented by a third party consultant.

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