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VUEWIN.COM “Better than free.” Background The evolution and expansion of the use of the Internet, originally as a war-proof military communication facility, to an academe delivery medium, to a business and gaming platform, has eventually found niche in the advertising industry. The border-less aspect and global reach of the Internet has made it a powerful advertising medium, a new frontier, the “new media”. Big players like Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Youtube have provided the use of their site for free and adapted the exposure, pay-per-click and sandwich-type approach for Advertisements, however, has been very successful in making a significant impact in the Advertising industry in terms of substantial allocation of Advertisement budget. There has to be a better approach, a better way to manage Advertisements so users can focus on content and really provide time to see Ads in his or her own time, a better way for Advertisers to really efficiently get their money’s worth and aim their Ads to the right targets, a new online advertising structure that will change the way we use the Internet for advertising. To date, still, the online advertising scheme used by big players in the Internet is FREE USE IN EXCHANGE FOR ADVERTISEMENTS APPEARING IN-BETWEEN CONTENTS. Nothing so revolutionary has ever been seen in online advertising until now… The Concept “Vuewin” is a coined word from the French word “Vue” which means view and the English word “win”. The vuewin concept is simple – providing a “Better than free” application and Internet facility for users (initially Filipinos only), who will be rewarded with a chance to win real prizes in exchange for viewing Advertisements and for doing the usual things they do online such as sharing, liking, searching, reading the news, etc. Vuewin is changing the online advertising landscape, it’s about time for the users to gain from their use of the Internet – beyond the “free” use, better than free! Better than free, how? In the present online advertising paradigm, the site or app provider offers the user free use of the facility. The volume of users justifies a possible market for advertisers to pay Advertisement spaces shown between contents in the site or app. In this scenario, revenue from paid advertisements is enjoyed only by the online facility provider. The user gets nothing but the free use of the facility and has to bear with unwanted advertisements sandwiched into the contents. With vuewin, part of the revenue from paid advertisements is shared with the users through prizes in online lotteries and other rewards with real monetary value for online transactions. All advertisements are gathered in a single location, not sandwiched in content, and may be organized to users’ preference. This time, a new standard is being set and surfing the Internet will never be the same again.

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