Veracity Synergy Solutions, Inc.

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Veracity is a corporate organization dedicated to providing solutions and services, spanning in three divisions, Telecom Equipment Integration & Services Division, Software Solutions and Multi Media Development. Telecom Equipment integration focuses on offering services solutions to supply the outsourcing requirements of international vendors, telecom operators, and enterprise segment. This business focuses on the installation and commissioning of telecom equipment and power systems. Our long term partnership with several vendors gave us the opportunity to cover the entire Philippines and this has given us the diversity to offer our services anywhere, thus giving us further advantage as compared to our peers. In addition to the fundamental services business, we created a team that focuses on offering products and solutions that aid the growth of our clients business. This business segment was created to augment the services business in particular; the solutions are supported by our services division that conducts the installation, testing and acceptance of the products we offer. Inclusive to the service operations is the maintenance of the products installed. With the vast knowledge and experience of our engineers in providing installation, testing and commissioning of telecom equipment (network, services, software and hardware components), maintenance and support, Veracity became known as an outsourcing partner for services and solutions for the Telecommunication sector. Despite the successes, there was prospect of expanding to a new horizon to create more jobs and business for the company. This was realized by partnering with one of the largest software company, Oracle. It was evident that we would have the manpower to support the activities and software business manifested their dominance in the business. Software solutions are growing and with our capabilities, opportunities were created. With the two divisions, Telecom Equipment & Services Division, Software Solutions, VSSI continuously seeks development to open new horizons in other industries, where we believe we can have similar approach in providing solutions and the continued improvement of the quality of service provided to our clients. With the formation of the Multi Media Division, VSSI provides opportunity to product brands to be advertised in specific locations with human traffic.

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