Sunelec Photovoltaic Solutions Incorporated

Alamat Kantor
Unit 205, FSS Bldg.II, 18 Scout Tuason Laging Handa, Quezon City, Philippines


Sunelec Photovoltaic Solutions Incorporated (SUNELEC) is the exclusive Distribution Partner of BERNT LORENTZ GmbH & Co. KG, manufacturer of Lorentz Solar-Powered Water Pumps, and authorized distributor of Zeversolar on-grid inverters, part of the SMA group, the leading manufacturer of inverters, for the Philippines. We distribute solar products, such as, Lorentz solar water pumps, photovoltaic modules, tracking systems and related system accessories, solar charge controllers and Zeversolar on-grid inverters. We also provide consultations, system design services, training seminars, repair services, marketing support and technical support for our products. Energy crisis has been a long time problem in the Philippines. Rotating brownouts for cities, lack of water supply for off-grid regions and simply no reliable energy source for remote locations. By using solar energy, which is available everywhere in the country, we can generate water and electricity, at minimal effort. History has proven that access to energy is the cornerstone of people's development, so it is time to turn to the sun and rise as a nation, and leave no one behind.

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