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REAPRA PTE. LTD. is a venture builder that establishes subsidiary companies in greenfield industries throughout Southeast Asia. REAPRA comes up with original business ideas and are always on the lookout for promising start-ups, CEOs and entrepreneurial talent to create new business models and implement strategies to build industry sized organizations. To date, REAPRA has established businesses in 13 industries including agriculture, healthcare, education, hospitality, digital media, IT services, and financial services, with another 16 on our radar.

In addition, through two venture capital funds, COENT Venture Partners Pte. Ltd. and REAPRA Ventures Pte Ltd, REAPRA provides seed and venture-stage funding to the brilliant entrepreneurs and companies of all sectors with an emphasis in Southeast Asia. The purpose is to make a contribution to society through backing entrepreneurs. REAPRA's investment philosophy includes providing support for these entrepreneurs and companies in funding, management, overseas business development and more.

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