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8 Floor Multinational Bancorporation Centre, Makati, Philippines


Nera Phils. Inc is a subsidiary of Nera Telecommunicaions Inc. of Singapore, a publicly-listed company in the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) and 50.5% owned by Eltek of Norway who in turn owns 100% of Nera Networks in Norway. The Nera Telecom-munications Group is headquartered in Singapore with subsidiaries and representative offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, China and Australia. Nera Telecommunications Group is in the business of providing technology solutions in the public Telecommunications sector, Government, Utilities and Education, Financial and Retail sector, Media and Broadcasting and the Enterprise. The company provides systems and solutions in Microwave Transmission systems, Satellite, Networking, Point of Sales, Digital Broadcasting, IPTV, Optical Networking and Wireless Broadband systems. Nera Networks on the other hand is our sole principal manufacturer for our Microwave Radio solutions and has factories in Bergen, Norway and in Slovakia with sub-manufacturers in Europe and Asia . It has representative offices in around 40 countries spread over North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. As a group we are prepared to face huge and exciting challenges ahead at our home countries and abroad in the years to come and we are ready and able to give our utmost to provide customer satisfaction every step of the way."


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