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From Louisiana USA, Louisiana SolarSpa Enterprise is the leading designer, supplier and service provider of solar water heaters in the Philippines. We help residences, hotels, barber shops, spas and factories to eliminate their electric cost to heat water. Great choices of solar water heaters are readily available in our store, from solar water heaters for residences, large systems for hotels, to mega systems for major commercial needs. Solar Water Heaters Also known as Solar Thermal Energy, Solar Water Heating is the simplest form of solar technology. It uses the solar energy from the sun to generate heat without electricity. It is then used to heat water we use for showering, for heating swimming pool water, water for spa. Using solar water heating only means it is more affordable, practical and economical as hot water heated by the sun is cheap, energy saving and of course is a comfortable means of bringing water to everyone wherever they are. Thermo Syphon System A method of passive heat energy based on natural convection, Thermo Syphon System enables liquid to circulate without the need of a mechanical pump. This system of water heating is open to air and depends on water’s natural circulation. Once water in the vacuum tube is heated, it goes up naturally into the storage tank. Cold water in the storage tank, on the other hand, flows back to the vacuum tube. Features of Solar Water Heating: Solar Water Heating is designed in United States. It has a roof or free-standing installation. It has non-glare solar panels. It has 96% heat absorption efficiency. It has non-corrosive copper piping system. You can choose from a 100-Liter to 250-Liter models. Offers 1 years warranty services Tanks and accessories have 1 year warranty. For the first one year, a free routine checkup is provided. Installation is fast and simple. Applications of Solar Water Heating: You can enjoy warm showers with the Solar Water Heating system. Small Meat and Dairy Processing plants can utilize it for its utensil cleaning. Benefits of Solar Water Heating: With solar water heating system you are ensures that the heating process of your water is hygienic. For a low cost you are guaranteed luxury and convenience. Your utility bills will decrease considerably. Installation is fast and simple. Even with hard water it certainly guarantees high performance. Maintenance is simple and worry-free. You are assured performance and dependability. As compared to other brands, it has a longer lifespan. Environment-friendly sustainable energy solution. Improved home value. Address: 116B San Francisco Street, Plainview Mandaluyong City Website: solarspa.ph sunxsystems.com

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