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Long Lane, London EC1A 9ET, UK
Long Lane, London EC1A 9ET, UK, Greater London, United Kingdom


London Outsourced works with a range of startups across the globe, from Australia, America, EU, and Asia. Our goal is to help each client scale it's core business. We use our experience in working with pass startups and SME's and provide insight into the wins and losses of strategies and tactics of other businesses across multiple markets. One of the clients you will be working with is in the Crypto and Blockchain industry based in Europe. Your role would be on work with both the Philippines and European teams to help them grow across Asia. Your day to day duties would be meeting and greeting individuals while doing so we will develop and hone your presentation, repour building and sales skills/techniques to allow you to eventually present to top Universities across the Philippines and present in front of crowds of people in different regions of Asia. The candidate must be willing to travel. A passport is a must as you may be requested to join the international teams in either Asia or EU. Knowledge of blockchain or crypto is NOT required as we will have you trained in house to tailor your skills in accordance to the company visions.