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In1Go Technologies, Inc. is a progressive project management/ software development firm specializing in a wide range of value solutions in supply chain, distribution management, and location based services leveraging state of the art technologies. We have digital maps, GPS hardware, thermo sensor, fleet management tools, territory and route optimization tools and a lot more cool gadgets. Our clientele base includes both local and overseas firms ranging in industry from manufacturing consumer goods, logistics companies to banks /security firms. We offer a suite of internet-enabled solutions including applications and systems software. We work together and represent high technologies companies that are in the forefront of the fields that they are in like RoadNet Technologies, Nokia Location & Commerce (Here), Magic Software. We undertake projects ranging from Reengineering, Business Operations, Web enabling, and Support Center Operations. Our software development infrastructure is based in Manila ,Philippines with representative offices across the country and in Singapore and Canada. We are focused on implementing strategic solutions based on internet technologiesand software services for improving business processes & making it cost efficient and effective.

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