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Company Background: GoMoto Philippines is a local, all-Filipino tech startup founded in 2015. We partner with trustworthy motorcycle drivers to provide fast and hassle-free services through our iOS and Android apps. Our goal is to be the premier on-demand motorcycle hailing service provider in the country. Transport We understand the rising need for an alternate transport solution due to the worsening traffic conditions in the metro. Many Filipinos spend valuable time being stuck in traffic or waiting for a decent ride to their destinations. Through the use of our GoMoto app, customers are able to hail motorcycle taxis for a quick and safe way to travel. Courier We also understand the need for a reliable instant delivery service. GoMoto allows customers to request for an on-demand courier service where you can easily track where your package is in real time. No need to wait for your packages to be delivered the following day. Within 60 minutes, your packages will safely arrive at your destination! Aside from these two services, the great minds behind GoMoto are constantly coming up with new and exciting services to roll out very soon. Ano man ang kailangan, i-GoMoto! Our Core Values: 1. Customer Service: Being a service provider, our customers are our number 1 priority. We highly value both the safety and satisfaction of our passengers and riders. We dedicate ourselves in providing only the best service. 2. Innovative: Being a tech company, we strongly believe in continuously enhancing our offerings through innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. Everyone is highly encouraged to bring in fresh ideas and grow the company. 3. Speed: Being a startup, we will face many challenges as we grow and achieve our goals. Therefore, we aim to be fast not only in our service but also in responding to these challenges and adapting to changes. Why Join GoMoto? In GoMoto, we believe in cultivating the capabilities of our employees by giving them a fulfilling and enjoyable working experience. We encourage them to voice out new ideas and to not be afraid of trying new, innovative ways to solve problems. We develop our employees to uplift them to their true potential. 1. Be a pioneer! Your actions, choices and decisions will help build our aspiring tech company from the ground up. Use your creativity and passion to drive GoMoto forward. 2. Make an impact! Our work will make a difference in alleviating the traffic problems and transportation issues of our country affecting thousands of Filipinos every day. 3. Grow your career! We offer a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience and knowledge in our expanding company. There are also several opportunities for growth and advancement to help your career. 4. We are an equal opportunity employer who values diversity and maintain a policy of non-discrimination while keeping the workplace safe and enjoyable. 5. We offer competitive salary and comprehensive benefits to all our employees.

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