Global Skills Providers Multi-Purpose Coperative

Alamat Kantor
Quezon City, Philippines


Worker cooperative is defined under Section 4 of R. A 9520 as “one organized by workers, including the self-employed, who are at the same time the members and owners of the enterprise. Its principal purpose is to provide employment and business opportunities to its members and manage it in accordance with cooperative principles.”Global Skills Providers Multi-Purpose Cooperative or GLOBALPRO, is one such cooperative. It is made up of self-employed workers, and whose primary objective is to engage in service contracting, management service, productivity and manpower services; develop livelihood and business opportunities as well as savings and credit services to its members. GLOBALPRO was established in mid-2005 by group of visionaries led by its Chairman, ALEJANDRO “Butch” LUKBAN, who believes that “social entrepreneurship holds the promise of more effectively addressing if not solving some of society ‘s most intractable social problems.”It is duly registered with and recognized by the Cooperative Development Authority by virtue of CDA Registration No. N-624-4784 issued on 21 July 2005, and re-registered under R.A 9520 by virtue of CDA Registration No. 9520-16007944 issued on 12 February 2010.GLOBALPRO is presently into business partnerships with major companies engaged in production and manufacturing, transport and logistics, fast food service, construction, school and hospital operations, distribution and agri-business.It has also diversified and established several business of its own such as male and female dormitories, convenience stores, laundry shop, day spa, hardware, restaurant, e-bike dealership, building construction, fiberglass fabrication and property leasing.GLOBALPRO has at present more than 5000 members deployed all over Metro Manila, Bulacan, Pampanga, Batangas, Cavite, and Laguna., in Luzon; Metro Cebu and Negros Occidental, in the Visayas ; and , Davao and Misamis Oriental, in Mindanao.GLOBALPRO also maintain a pool of almost a thousand well-trained and properly- motivated members ready to be engaged anytime and anywhere in the Philippines.

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