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10th Flr Triumph Building, 1610 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines
10th Flr Triumph Building, Quezon City, Philippines


Philippine-based, IT enterprise Filmetrics Corporation is your trusted technology partner that brings together biometrics, mobile systems and data analytics to produce secure business solutions for all your work units anytime, anywhere. With the goal of assisting businesses make smart and sound decisions and fully utilize the potential of their data and digital assets securely and effectively, the corporation authenticates identity and transactions, and ensures the reliability of data in IT systems. Filmetrics' core expertise is in the integration of biometric data from iris, fingerprint and facial characteristics to create usable and functional solutions and systems in businesses and organizations. It also develops asset and identity management systems including PVC Cards, Encrypted Quick-Response Code (QR Code), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and more. The corporation takes pride in its track record of large nationwide projects and long-term customers including the biggest Philippine pension fund and the country’s postal service, as well as private sector-managed infrastructure and construction projects. Having a multi-disciplined management team with substantial involvement in almost every major industry greatly factors the corporation’s ability to deliver effective and holistic business solutions. It provides top quality identity management technologies that comply with international standards that ultimately exceed clients’ needs and goals. Furthermore, to ensure seamless and effective project implementation, Filmetrics also conducts system trainings for the clients’ staff, provides staff to assist the operation flow of the system and support services. It offers technical support, IT security audit, mobile support, as well as manpower services. Filmetrics Corporation’s unwavering dedication to explore the potentials of technology when it comes to the protection and utilization of digital assets truly makes it the premier identity management solution that helps its partner-companies realize their business goals.