Frabelle Fishing Corporation

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1050 North Bay Navotas City


Mr. Francisco Tiu-Laurel started the fishing company with a second-hand deep sea trawler which he acquired from Japan in 1966.

He named his fishing company Frabelle; a word coined from his name, Francisco and that of his wife, Bella.

From trawl fishing, the company moved into purse seining. The target species were small pelagic fishes like sardines, mackerel and scads within the Philippine waters. In the mid-70's, Frabelle also started the purse seining of tuna and in 1981 it expanded its fishing operations beyond the Philippines into the waters of the Western and Central Pacific region.

Frabelle has evolved to become a world-class Philippine deep sea fishing company and has expanded its operation into food processing and marine food trading.

Today, Frabelle supplies fresh, frozen and processed seafood products to the Philippine domestic market and exports the same to Africa, the Middle East, North America, Europe and other parts of Asia.

Other business areas that Frabelle has ventured into includes: Mariculture; Aquaculture; Post Harvest Facilities and Services; Engineering Services; Ship Repair and Shipbuilding; Real Estate; and Food Trading and Processing.

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