Caresharing, Inc.

Alamat Kantor
Unit 706, TGU Tower, Asiatown IT Park, Cebu City, Philippines


Caresharing grew out of a passion for healthcare and technology. We are a team of doctors, IT specialists, and software engineers with 10 years of experience in building online software that allows doctors to collaborate online with other healthcare providers. This team combination brings us to a wider understanding of healthcare and the needed expertise in building solutions strongly rooted in technology. 10 Company Facts: 1. There are more ladies than gents in our company. May be a bit uncommon for a tech company, but this makes our work environment diverse and challenging. 2. The company is self-funded (so far.) We earned our first revenue 18 months from inception, and have been profitable ever since. 3. Music is in our genes. Most of our directors and a number of our programmers used to be in a professional band, plays an instrument, or can sing. 4. Our leaders are an equal split of two medical professionals and two software professionals. This combination gives us the ability to go deep on two fronts: medicine and software. 5. A few people in the team have completed ultramarathon runs. Yes, those crazy beyond-42KM-long- distance-runs! And at the very least, half of the team had finished a half-marathon. 6. We built a few of our own technology stacks. We would like to open source them, but we are too lazy to write documentation, so it’s still happening soon. 7. We are very idealistic. We believe in achieving only the best. We want to build an ideal or perfect environment in our workplace. We go crazy about delivering the best technology that our customers can use. We strive to offer the best experience for everyone in our company. We are a fanatic of all these. 8. We are very direct in giving feedback. Sometimes, we are mistaken as having no emotion. On the contrary, it’s empathy that drives us to be direct. It is tough, but it is often a necessary course of action. 9. We spend 5% of our monthly revenue on team development activities. There’s free catered lunch every day, movie nights, monthly kudos dinners,and company trips. 10. Everyone is issued a Kindle device to kick-start learning. Our Kindle account has over 500 auto-biographies, inspirational, technical, fiction, sports and travel books.

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