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Melbourne, Christchurch, New Zealand


Capital Software are the developers of PhoenixATS. Capital Software has been developing and supplying online recruitment technologies since 2002 and during this time we have gained an incredible amount of experience and first-hand knowledge of online recruitment best practices. Our systems have been used all over the world including Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America and South Africa. PhoenixATS is not restricted by geographical boundaries. Our current client mix includes manufacturing, professional services, retail, science & technology, HR & recruitment, health & healthcare, specialist products, engineering, hospitality & tourism, social services, marine, mining and both local and central government agencies and ministries. PhoenixATS is suitable for all industry groups. We have clients ranging from 35,000 plus staff with 700 branch outlets to small companies with less than 100 staff. A number of our clients have international and national branch networks and/or multi-brand organisations with complex governance infrastructures. PhoenixATS is not limited by company size.

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