Bright Stars Connections Marketing

Office Address
Dona Remedios Trinidad Highway, Sto-Cristo, Pulilan, Philippines


Bright Stars Connections Marketing (BSCM) is one of the country’s leading distributors of prepaid and postpaid telecommunications products. BSCM currently has 26 regular employees. It is currently working hand on hand with over 80 sub dealers and more than 12,000 retailers. BSCM is a part of the Bajet-Castillo group of companies that is involved in various industries such as fast moving consumer goods distribution, flour trading, rice milling, and fuel. BSCM's telecommunications distribution arm was founded in October 5, 2005 at DRT Highway, Sto. Cristo, Pulilan Bulacan by Demetrio Bajet Jr., Emma Castillo- Bajet, and Francis C. Bajet. In 2009, Claritas’ executive board decided to disengage in other fast moving consumer goods principals in order to focus on telecommunication products. The organization’s primary goal is to make sure that our principal’s products and services are delivered and readily available in the proper channels.

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