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The Trade and Financial Tower, Taguig, Philippines


Bolton International is where experienced, smart, and talented professionals grow their careers to the next level, gain direct exposure to international companies, and operate in a truly global work environment. With headquarters in the United States and Singapore, and clients in the US, Asia, Europe, and Australia, Bolton operates with one thing in mind: we are talented professionals working at a global level with global standards. Our corporate slogan is: "Think Better. Think Different." With us, you can gain international experience without having to leave the Philippines as you work directly with exciting companies all around the world. Think Better. We hire ambitious people who improve the status quo, finding better ways of doing things. Think Different. We hire people with open minds and flexibility, willing to challenge the way that BPOs operate in the Philippines and take their career to the next level. We hire people who: - …are willing to meet and connect with new people on a daily basis. - …are comfortable with change – the world is a fast changing place! - …have proven through the quality of their life experiences (not the quantity – ie years) that they are top performers. - …love to learn new things. - …enjoy interacting with people from many countries and diverse backgrounds. - …excel at remote interaction just as they do with physical interaction. - …have excellent communication skills – not just good talkers, but great listeners. - …are patient, but also have a sense of urgency. - …are self-motivated and pro-active. - …are able to prioritize critical tasks above “busy work.” - …have a strong focus on client success. - …who openly and freely teach others what they know. - …who have a strong work ethic and positive attitude. If you believe and embrace these qualities, and want to work in an environment with like-minded people – this is the right place for you. We believe that the secret to self improvement comes from being around others who possess the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that you want to possess.

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