Blue Magnet Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Alamat Kantor
# 16 Sta. Maria Street, Pasig City, Philippines


We are supported by FIRST GRADE HOLDINGS INC. (FGHI) and FIRST GRADE FINANCE INC. (FGFI). They are investment holding companies with interests in financial investment, property management, retail business and fast food franchise. Established in June 01, 2010, we constitute a nationwide team of distinctive and dedicated professionals recruited from each area it serves. Composed of experienced professionals who have been in the marketing industry for more than a decade, we highly value mutual relationship with our partners, clients and employees across all sites to establish a highly respected work environment. We also value quality people who impulsively desire to share best practices, information and knowledge with others who are goal-driven and always want to succeed. Our initiation to participate in many events establishes high nationwide visibility.

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