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1081 Edsa Balintawak, , Quezon, Metro Manila, Philippines
1081 Edsa Balintawak, Quezon, Philippines


Our company is a great place to work because we foster an environment of caring and sharing. We encourage group cooperation & a positive, enthusiastic spirit. We enjoy camaraderie over music, food & various activities. We believe that we are channels of blessing to each other and as so, we compensate employees fairly & even more than what government mandates us to. We believe that our compensation packages are fair and competitive. We want our employees to enjoy what our customers experience too. As such, we provide big price discounts and payment terms to employees when they buy our products. We reward great work and recognize the positive contributions of our employees thru incentives, awards and various forms of recognition. We provide opportunities for growth and development as well as encourage self development & the pursuit of excellence. As such, we provide various learning opportunities and support employees in their pursuit of further learning. We encourage employees to take on new roles too. We are a big believer of wellness and put more emphasis in the pursuit of prevention rather than just the cure. We encourage activity, healthy eating & proper management of stress by providing opportunities to learn about and practice this. We provide out-patient benefits as well as access to various non-conventional and conventional health practitioners with credible track records in various conditions. We love the Philippines and we recognize the importance of being a positive contributor to the country's economy. We accept our responsibility towards nation building by being channels of blessing to customers, employees, partners & suppliers. Finally, we are a Christian organization, family owned & family run and we take pride in being so. We believe that our business is God's business. We are only stewards. As such we value integrity (doing what is right) and require the same from all our people. We refer employees in need of advise to appropriate counselors and organizations that can help them emotionally, mentally, spiritually & even physically. We are not perfect & thus we believe that there is always a better way. We strive to be better, Better, BETTER in everything we do.