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WorldSource Healthcare is headquartered in Athens, GA and has held privately owned facilities in the cosmopolitan Philippine capital of Manila since 2009. Today, we are uniquely positioned at the forefront of the region’s quickly growing knowledge process outsourcing sector. Manila offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and university systems producing an English speaking workforce familiar with American culture. Whether in Manila, Athens or elsewhere, the WorldSource Healthcare team is composed of highly educated, performance driven problem solvers meticulously trained in time and resource management. This training culminates in the delivery of unparalleled and cost-saving results. We specialize in billing, coding and accounts receivable management for healthcare billing companies, hospitals and insurers with large central business office operations. Our genesis, WorldSource (formerly: Pettigrew Medical Business Services), has been a cutting-edge front runner in healthcare business process outsourcing since 1989. Now, nearly 25 years later, that drive for excellence and thirst for innovation is alive and well at WorldSource, making us the premier multinational resource for the healthcare industry. It is our mission to create value for our customers by providing the highest quality healthcare solutions in the world.

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