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In today’s internet age, it has become clear that the only way to create engagement online is through dedicated content creation. This is achieved through virtually every media outlet, including search engines, social media and other networks. The target audience of this product ranges from a wide variety of customers, whether it’s a small or large business, a brand, an organization, or an individual.
As technology is advancing, content is becoming more accessible and is being produced as creatively as our imagination allows. Today, many companies have become the main instrument in the direct contact between their customers, creating a buzz about the product or service offered.
Hybrid Media is a term that has been created to redefine media in an age where brands and private sectors are busy creating and consuming content.
This type of media is based on a combination of Paid and Earned Media. Once you engage people on the internet and create a platform in which they can provide viral and organic activity, it can be translated to bought and paid media, which is based on content.
Paid Media
Media that promotes the message and provides call-to-action based on advertisement, sales, and competition.
Earned Media
Media that is earned from the buzz that comes from the willingness of the web-surfers to be the promoters of the content they create themselves. This type of media is created only when web-surfers share and participate. Therefore, it forces them to take an active part in creating the content and promoting it.

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