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VSee is a telemedicine software company based in Silicon Valley, California. It allows doctors to see patients via webcam or mobile phone. It is also the only video system allowed on the International Space Station - how astronauts see their doctors. VSee users include Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie, the rock band Linkin Park, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, and was even used at President Obama's Inauguration. VSee has been deployed in numerous American hospitals as well as Iraq, Amazon rainforest, and Nigeria: http://vsee.com/blog/syrian-refugees-vsee-telemedicine-duhok/ http://vsee.com/blog/vsee-telemedicine-amazon-rainforest-dr-yogi/ http://vsee.com/blog/dr-gavin-skinner-using-vsee-telemedicine-fight-ebola/ VSee is a fun-loving, adventurous company with annual retreat and various company outings. Many team members are also involved with humanitarian work. Our goal is to help each team member explore their professional interests and learn the skills to become a better version of themselves.

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