SilverWorks Inc.

Alamat Kantor
Unit 1406 Robinsons Equitable Tower, Pasig, Philippines


SilverWorks is the leading retailer of sterling silver jewelry in the Philippines. We are a fashion jewelry brand who has been around since 1991 capturing the interest, attention, and choice of consumers through its high-quality and stylistic silver jewelry products, its thematic marketing campaigns, and its aspirational nature. As a brand, we have gained the loyalty, trust, and the esteem of our customers and consumers. People are proud to wear our products simply because it is SilverWorks. Our consumers have chosen us to be part of their special moments which became our own story. Due to our pieces being statement jewelry and expressions of emotions and personal character, the brand has evolved. We now carry tungsten with diamonds, titanium, stainless steel, charms, and skin jewelry. There is no telling where we can expand next because as long as stylistic expression exists, the brand will be there as that is its essence. Thus, The New SW. WHAT WE STAND FOR ASPIRATION ELEGANCE UPLIFTMENT EXPRESSION INSPIRATION Our core values are founded in LOVE, LIKE, PRIDE, and STYLE.

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