Unilox Industrial Corporation (UIC)Unilox Industrial Corporation (UIC)

Unilox Industrial Corporation (UIC)

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194 M. Concepcion St., San Joaquin, Pasig, Philippines


Unilox is a Philippine-based company engaged primarily in the manufacture of industrial chemicals and sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection. In addition, Unilox engages in trading, marketing, distribution, and providing services for products, which complement its primary product lines. Unilox is headquartered in San Joaquin, Pasig City, Philippines. Originally, established in 1974 as Union Lead and Oxide Corporation, which manufactured and supplied Lead Oxides to the Automotive Battery, Paint, and Chemical Industries, Unilox has since diversified with new products for industries, such as plastics and shipping, Its numerous business were consolidated under one company, Unilox Industrial Corporation in 1988. Today, Unilox is a major supplier of raw materials and products used across several industries. Sectors that Unilox serves includes: Automotive Batteries, Paint, Chemicals, PVC Plastics, PP Plastics, PE Plastics, Rubber, Ceramic, Shipping, Fishing, Marine and Industrial Marine, Construction, Mining and Petroleum. Unilox has consistently stressed the importance of providing its customers only with products of the highest standards and quality. Unilox is and ISO 9001:2015 certified company. The organization has always emphasize the importance of strong relationships with customers , suppliers, employees and shareholders. This burning passion and commitment to unparalled service is a Unilox trademark that has enabled the company to succeed in today's highly competetive business environment. SUBSIDIARIES: Unilox Far East Resources, Inc. (UFERI), Pan Asian Materials Processing Corporation (PAMPC), Tierra Agri Technologies, Inc. (TATI)

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