Unilox Far East Resources Inc (UFERI)

Alamat Kantor
San Joaquin, 194 M. Concepcion Avenue, Pasig, NCR, Philippines


UNILOX FAR EAST RESOURCES INC. (UFERI) was incorporated in August 2011 as a
subsidiary of UNILOX INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION for the purpose of expanding the
business of importing and distribution of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and
micronutrients, and the trading of industrial machineries and parts.
For the agricultural inputs, the initial and main market of UFERI is Mindanao, with the
major banana and pineapple plantations as the primary customers. However, with the
inclusion of NPK fertilizers in its product range, UFERI is expanding its coverage to the
rice, corn, sugarcane and vegetable growers throughout the country.

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