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Trusting Social is an AI powered Fintech company pioneering risk assessment in emerging markets using alternative data. With prediction accuracy and scale as our drivers, we aim to profile risk of 1 billion underserved consumers in emerging markets and make large scale financial access a reality. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms have so far scored 450M people across Vietnam, Indonesia & India on key parameters including risk of default, propensity to fraud, credit demand among others. And we are also expanding into the Philippines, Bangladesh & Africa. We advance data science and technology to bring financial inclusion for all, on a scale never before possible. In just two years, Trusting Social has become the biggest and fastest-growing credit risk assessment platform and B2B2C loan marketplace in Southeast Asia, with more than 50% of new-to-bank personal loans in Vietnam going through us. We’ve enabled financial institutions to grow their balance sheets profitably and at unprecedented pace and dramatically increased their loan approval rates and reduced loan disbursement cycle times. As Trust Technology Financial (in Indonesia) we aim at embedding Artificial Intelligence in every aspects of operations to break the linkage between cost and revenue. We are continuously driving down risk to get predictability and profits. As part of our Risk Assessment we are proactively mitigating fraud and leakage. The company is led by a dynamic group of seasoned entrepreneurs, technologists and scientists seeking to disrupt the lending space and democratize access to capital for billions of underserved consumers. Trusting Social is comprised of Ph.D. data scientists from Stanford Research Institute, Microsoft, IBM etc. and banking leaders from Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Barclays. Founded in Silicon Valley, Trusting Social is now headquartered in Singapore, with its R&D labs in Ho Chi Minh and Melbourne and offices in Hanoi, Jakarta, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Manila and Dhaka.

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