Alamat Kantor
Room 207 Cabrera Bldg.1 Timog Ave. Quezon City, Quezon City, Philippines


BRIEF HISTORY: Our company, TOPTREND SERVICE CORPORATION was organized thru the strong vision and dynamic leadership of the managing people who bonded themselves as incorporators of the corporation, with an end-in-mind of achieving its corporate purpose and objective of providing excellent quality service to our valued clients. Our company is back- up and managed by competent managers who have long and valuable experiences in the field of providing manpower services, recruitment and training, outsourcing, handling of administrative and labor- related problems, and most importantly, our company could offer elastic solutions on the flexibility of your budgetary and financial constraint with respect to your manpower contract requirements. Our dependability in terms of the delivery of our good service/s is being manifested by the highly unquestionable performance of our operating managers who have served their clients for several years, which are mostly in the fast food chain, food manufacturing, consumer’s product, packaging, industrial and business offices with ultimate satisfaction and approval.


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