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WYC Group is a growing company formed in December 2012. The first business established was WYC Business Consultancy Inc. in 2013, which provides services concerning to visa and passport consultation, business consultation, residential visa authentication of documents from embassy, company registration, or other services that involves the government processes. We cater to different nationals such as Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean and so on. In the year of our Lord 2014, WYC Business Consultancy Inc. had struggle with the biggest obstacle since the company has built. Through the lower management up to the top management's resilience, we were able to cope with the toughest obstacle yet the company has encountered. We successfully handled that circumstance by innovating our management strategies and by improving our systems. Since then we are strongly standing to strive for our treasured rising business. WYC Group of Company second business is a travel agency in which established recently (year of 2015). The group calls it WYC Funtrip Travel and Tours Inc. We coordinate with different hotels, resorts, rental transportations, restaurants, and different tourist spots within the country to deliver premier service experience that will guarantee our customer satisfaction. We offer individual and group travel packages whether international or domestic destinations which are created specifically to our client’s preference. Other services the company offers are travel consultation, reservation for lodging, and airline booking. Even though we are just beginning in this kind of industry we already had several guests. Every guest that we had can guarantee that they got what they deserved and more than of what they expected And now we are attempting to enter the e-commerce industry which is our third business named WYC Information and Technology Development Inc. which deals with technology and development. We are currently in the early stages of our new business venture which is an online shop. The main project to be created would be an online shop called Shopping 101 wherein entrepreneurs can open their shop and sell products on our site. The main advantage this shop has is that we would act as a guarantor which will ensure the quality of the products and services the customer bought from our shop.

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