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San Francisco, United States


Thumbtack is headquartered in San Francisco, where our team of 50 designers, engineers, and marketing managers build our product. We have over 700 support, engagement, sales, and operations team members in the Greater Salt Lake City Area and the Philippines. Over the next year, we plan to double our team in San Francisco, scale Salt Lake City to 200+ employees, and add hundreds to our team in the Philippines. It’s going to be a thrilling year, and we are looking for an incredibly talented person to innovate, drive employee engagement, deliver the best customer experience, and optimize performance as we aggressively scale. We’re looking for an experienced leader who is obsessed with training and understands what it takes to prepare our staff to create unforgettable experiences with our professionals and customers. We are so impressed with Salt Lake’s talent pool that we’ve chosen Sandy as the hub to build our Sales, Account Management, and Customer Support teams. We're achieving well above industry averages for customer satisfaction and we're excited to grow our team.

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