The Superfood Grocer

Alamat Kantor
56A 12th Street, Quezon, Philippines


The Superfood Grocer is a passionate, fast growing company whose mission is to empower fellow Filipinos to choose to live Super lives through excellent plant-based nutrition. We make healthy easy and kickass -- while being rooted in genuine goodness, working closely with our customers, partner farmers, and local communities. The company was founded in October 2012, and has grown rapidly over the last three years, with even more exciting growth to come as market demand increases for genuinely healthy products. But what truly sets us apart is an inner drive to use our talents and skills to serve the good, combining both technical knowledge and genuine passion to build an outstanding, authentic brand that represents real goodness in the market. We are looking for A Level players who have the passion and heart to use their skills to help others, who have a self-driven standard for excellence, who have mental and emotional toughness, who have the humility to learn from mistakes and work as a team, and who have a burning desire to learn, learn, learn through direct exposure and hands-on experience in all aspects of a dynamic, high-growth industry. If you're looking for a professional challenge and personal fulfillment, and you're up for self leadership, learning, and growth -- this one's for you! Come join us. Grow with us. Together, let's choose to live that Super life. Welcome to Team Super!

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