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Alamat Kantor
2316 Karrivin Plaza, Building B, Chino Roces Ext., Makati City


THE MOMENT GROUP With a mission to “Handcrafting restaurants & establishments that are dedicated to creating a good time for everyone, every single time,” the Moment Group is a Philippine-based company behind a collective of some of Manila’s leading restaurant concepts. Having grown up around good food and restaurants their whole lives, the Moment Group composed of restaurateurs Abba Napa, Eli Antonino and Jon Syjuco, have developed a keen understanding of the constantly evolving Philippine market. That’s precisely why they have successfully owned and operated some of the country’s tastiest and most popular homegrown concepts such as 8Cuts Burger Blends, Manam Comfort Filipino, ‘Cue Modern Barbecue, Bistro M and Bank Bar. The Moment Group has also partnered with rising star chef Bruce Ricketts for the chef’s table Mecha Uma, and Ooma. The international partnerships have been equally strong with Phat Pho Manila from esteemed Cebu Chef-Restaurateur Jason Hyatt, the American-Italian Linguini Fini and the globally well-loved and 5-time Michelin-star awarded international brand, Din Tai Fung. Backed with sound business sense and a keen understanding of the constantly evolving Philippine consumer market, the Moment Group has been able to create and operate brands that draw “lines” in both the F&B and retail scenes. Since it’s inception in 2012, and with over 20 years of combined restaurant creation and ownership, the Moment Group has been able to establish a vast network across the major cities in the Philippines and the Asian region, gaining continuous access to the best commercial real estate in the country, extensive cross-industry credibility, strong government and media affiliations as well as solid financial backing and resources. WHY JOIN US? VISION: WE ARE WHERE YOU WANT TO EAT The quality of what we do is always consistent, whether it be through the service, the overall atmosphere, and the safety and hygiene of our restaurants. What we deliver is excellence in all forms, and this is what we ensure to deliver at every TMG establishment. The goal is to find our place in various neighborhoods, even countries other than our own, in order for diners to experience dining at a TMG establishment a stone’s throw away. This is for us as well; continued growth ensures increasing opportunities for everyone in the company to go further and advance their careers with us. The people that make us who we are aren’t just the diners, but the people that carry the TMG name. The care and attention we give our restaurants is so evident that even we, as employees, become diners there ourselves. There is a sense of pride that comes with taking our friends and family out to eat there. We believe our own restaurants are the best because of the shared knowledge we have of the passion, effort, and discipline that goes into creating and operating our own establishments. The thing that makes us stand out as a group is our diversity; TMG has the most number of cuisines available, of all other restaurant groups. Diners’ cravings are sated because of our offerings, whether our own Filipino fare like sisig and adobo or eats like sushi or udon, burgers or xiao long bao, martinis and negronis or bowls of pho.

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