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As a company established and wholly operated by Filipinos, we take pride in the fact that Temps and Staffers, Inc. is one of the country's most enduring homegrown companies in the field of human resource development. Since 1990, Temps and Staffers, Inc. has been sowing the seeds of expertise as a human resource placement and consultancy firm. Today, we enjoy an abundant success evidenced by our expansive portfolio of services with a nationwide reach, up-to-date technological development and continuously growing client base. Having lived through several seasons of changes and challenges in the Philippine corporate community, Temps and Staffers, Inc. has gathered a wellspring of wisdom on the true needs of the Filipino workforce, providing solutions that will continue to take them to the planes of world-class professional achievement. Afterall, we are Filipino. We know the Filipino. We grow with the Filipino. History Our Foundations Temps and Staffers, Inc. is an all-Filipino company whose expertise is in human resource placement and consultancy. TSI enjoys nationwide reach in pursuit of its mission to develop globally competitive Filipino Professionals. We are guided by solid corporate values: Commitment to excellence Value for people Enduring business relationships Belief in the Filipino professional Over the years, Filipinos have earned a reputation as world-professionals, holding distinguished positions in a broad range of international careers. We are generally proficient in the English language and have a flexible appreciation of cultural diversities. Furthermore, we are recognized for our innate creativity, dedication, resilience and perseverance. It is on these solid truths that TSI stakes its confidence in the potentials of the Filipino. With the proper training and opportunities, we aim to further enhance in the Filipino workforce in any given field, a passion for global competitiveness. And these are the very same human assets that we commit to bring into your organization.

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