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TechCareers was established in April 2010 to provide Executive Search and Recruitment Services, and Management, Human Resources and Organization Development Consulting Services. We provide highly qualified and suitable manpower resources who bring sustainable value and competitive advantage to businesses and organizations. We recognize that companies’ challenges are organization efficiency and productivity. As a Consulting partner, we provide assistance to ensure that organizations are equipped with the proper organizational structure, HR systems, and organizational development and strategic planning skills to leverage on market opportunities and challenges. JOB SEEKERS Let TechCareers Inc. be your partner in marketing your professional talent to the best companies in the local business scene. We help you manage and build your career Your career growth is important. TechCareers Inc. will help you reach your potential by providing attractive avenues for professional and career growth. We’re here to help you explore various opportunities that will expose you to diverse aspects of business and technology so that you can build your expertise. Our clients are at the forefront of business and technology innovation, so we are sure that your prospective jobs will provide favorable options for career advancement and skills development. Make us your partner in skills development With our extensive experience in General Management, IT and HR fields, we know that it is often difficult to find the right job that will expand your skills. That is why we make sure that the prospective jobs we deploy you to will provide avenues for skills development. We understand how you need to be stimulated with new learnings and exposed to diverse business environments that will build and expand your career. Our clients are industry leaders who put high value in their IT investments; thus, these firms will enable you to gain valuable experience and work with some of the best technical professionals. We place high value on job satisfaction Satisfaction on the job is highly influenced by the right match. We make it our responsibility to understand your unique skills and work goals so that we can help to match your professional growth plans and strategies with the market needs. We likewise value your feedback on your work. We’ll continue to stay in touch to make sure that you’re doing well and are satisfied with your job choice, since satisfied employees make for successful high performers. It is vital for you to know that TechCareers Inc. is continuously looking after your welfare on the job. EMPLOYERS As your company grows and directions shift to keep up with the dynamic market, your business initiatives and manpower needs also change. To be able to implement these changes efficiently, let TechCareers Inc. be your partner for your workforce needs. We will find the right talent for you so that you can focus on your core business and achieve your company growth targets. We will make our knowledge and experience in recruitment work for you. TechCareers Inc. can provide your manpower needs by deploying well-qualified and experienced professionals. We place high value on understanding the technical or specialized skills required of candidates to function effectively on the job. We therefore make certain that the candidates we present to you have passed our competency screening process, ensuring a proper fit of technical requirements and soft skills. So leave the sourcing of candidates to us, and focus on making sure that company timelines and objectives are met. We can provide your critical manpower needs At TechCareers, we recognize your company’s need for a reliable and competent workforce to address your current business directions and improve productivity. Our company can provide business professionals with specialized skills and certifications across diverse disciplines, or with the breadth and depth of experience to help run your business operations. We make sure that we can provide qualified resources who can be productive from their first day of work. We’ll find the right match for your requirement We make sure that we match your requirements and specifications with our manpower skill set, ensuring the right fit between the two. Let TechCareers Inc. assess whether the candidate is suited for the position and the company environment. By conducting a thorough screening of the candidate’s professional, educational & personal background, a skills inventory & assessment, and a qualified reference check, we ensure that the manpower resources that we deploy to your company will be assets that will help to achieve your business goals.

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